Faith and Word Outreach
Tuesday, January 22, 2019
A Now Word, for a Now Generation


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I am highly favored of God

The favor of God is on my life

Whatever I set my hands to prospers

I speak the Word over my life and I get results

My words have power and I speak life

I speak life to my body

My body is healed

Every joint, every organ, every cell operates according to the Word

I speak life to my finances

I am a tither and a giver

I expect the blessings of finances to come into my life

I am debt free and have plenty of more to put in store

I speak life over my Spiritual walk

I am growing in faith

I walk in love

I get results

I'm a mature Christian focused on what God wants me to do

I'm a person of purity, prayer and power

I speak life over my family

My family is at peace

We are in harmony

We are strong spiritual force

All of my family I call into the Kingdom of God, NOW!

I speak protection over all, and no evil will come near me

I speak life over my church

I thank you for our Pastors, Tarold and Cryss, they are a gift from God to us

We together as a Church body speak the vision

I speak to all of those that belong at Faith and Word Outreach to be quick to obey and come in from the North, South, East and West

We charge our angels to go and bring them in

We also speak to buildings, land and money you make yourself available, NOW!

In all these things, I pray to the Father in the name of Jesus

All distractions of the week I lay at Jesus' feet

I am alert and anointed to hear and receive

My expectations are high

Thank You Jesus!!